communication in relationshipsThese days, people seem to make up just to break up. The problem is, that sometimes one of the couple is either not ready for the breakup, didn’t see it coming and never want to the breakup to begin with. If you find yourself in the dirty end of the breakup, you might want to ask yourself why the breakup happened in the first place. It might take a little bit of soul-searching, maybe even speaking to very close friends or even your ex to find out the answer.

Fortunately, there are ways and means that you can get your ex back (or at least attempt to) if you really want them back. Finding out how to use  text messaging to get your ex back. Well, if you know anything about text messaging or magnetic messaging, you will know that these days most people use their cell phones as a form of communication. Continue reading

grow taller with milk
There are certain foods that can help with making you taller.

Along with taking these foods you should practice growth exercises and techniques. The grow taller 4 idiots review book helps with height increasing tips and solutions and is available online.

  1. Spinach was not just a myth that made Popeye the sailor man strong and stand tall. Eating spinach will assist in the major functioning of the growth of the body and the muscle build and healthy development of cells and the brain. Eat spinach as often as you like on its own, with salads or however you like to eat it. or blend in juices if you are not so keen on the taste of spinach.You can disguise the taste with sweet fruit juices.
  2. Vegetables and fruits. It goes without saying that eating a large variety of fruits and vegetables will assist in keeping healthy and growing taller. This is where you need to obtain the largest amount of your vitamin intake. Continue reading

skin bleachSkin whitening and skin bleaching has been around for a very long time (think Michael Jackson) and is quite popular with Bollywood actors and actresses. If you’re looking for skin whitening techniques, the Internet is full of “natural” remedies and recipes for at home skin bleaching. For those prefer to use commercially made products, a visit to your dermatologist can help you with that in the form of prescription grade or over-the-counter skin bleaching agents.

To Caucasian men and women it seems a little drastic to be bleaching your skin. The problem is, society dictates what “beauty” is, instead of what beauty actually is. In other words in all the fashion magazines and celebrity news, having a whiter skin seems to be “high-fashion” these days. This of course prompts (mostly) women who are not Caucasian to chemically bleach their skin in an effort to “be on trend” with what is considered beautiful skin today. Continue reading

naturaful-enhancing-creamHave you ever come across any worthwhile Naturaful Cream Reviews? Do you wonder whether the product works or is a scam? This article will focus on several aspects of naturaful, and at the end of this you will be able to distinguish whether the product is a scam or not.

What is Naturaful?

Naturaful is an herbal cream, which claims to enhance and firm the breasts through safe and natural means in a short period of time. It contains active ingredients such as Dandelion Root, Dong Quai, and Blessed Thistle, which shows to be very effective towards the breast growth. Continue reading

bicep-curls-working-outMore often than not, weight loss programs don’t necessarily come with a workout program. And those that do, are more or less focused on fitness, toning and building lean muscle mass as opposed to muscle building or bodybuilding. While this is usually perfectly acceptable for most people, especially women, they are men who are interested in building a little bit of muscle in order to make their bodies look more appealing and attractive, especially for the ladies.

Fortunately, there is a program designed especially for this, and more specifically, especially for men. It’s called the Adonis golden ratio program and it does exactly that: make a man’s body look more attractive and appealing to women. For a more in-depth look at this program take a look at this analysis of Adonis Golden Ratio. On this review page you will find everything you need to know about how the program works, the pros and cons and of course, we to get your hands on the program and all the information it comes with.

As a rule, weight loss programs are not specifically geared towards bodybuilding. There are however a few exceptions to this rule, one of them being the Adonis golden ratio. One of the things that makes the Adonis program so special is that it is designed with men in mind and the eating program and workout program combined will improve almost any man’s current body shape. An important point to know up front, is that this program is not a wishy-washy kind of program, which means there’s no room for error, cheating or laziness. It is an intense twelve week program that if followed correctly, will deliver the desired results. Continue reading

trick photography effectsPhotography has come of age. Giving you the ability to preserve your best memories, recent advances gives you the means to edit and make enhancements on your photo to give it the effects you desire so much. This is through the use of trick photography and special effects. Whereas there are cameras that are fitted with such capabilities, there are also application that can be used for this purpose. Other than using the applications, there are simple creative ideal that can be used naturally to create the effects. Some of the common tricks that can be used include the following.

Changing day into night

Shooting photos with the same background can be so boring. It is for this reason that changing the background can give the much desired relieve on your photos. This can be done easily by turning the power of the flash to the maximum. This makes the subject to appear extremely bright. This should be followed by changing the settings to expose. This makes the background to look dark even in bright sunlight. This is for the reason that the light from the flash will no hit the background. Continue reading

creating a positive impression on womenBefore we even get into anything, I’m going to recommend that you check out the Tao of Badass review and read up about this book. Obviously, I’m talking to the men here, as this is primarily directed towards them. You might find that by reading a few reviews on this book, that you have to have this for yourself. And of course, you won’t be wrong. While the Tao of Badass might have a lot of really cool information about how to read women and make them fall in love with you, here are a few tips and ideas from a woman’s point of view on how to make a positive impression on women.

If you are naturally a shy guy, take a page out of some of your male friends’ book, and try force yourself out of your protective shell. If you do not have any male friends but instead have a lot of acquaintances, then now is time to start making friends out of your acquaintances. Start going out with them or invite them out for drinks, and this will also help you boost your own self-confidence enough to try talking to a couple of girls or ladies. A word of caution, expect at least some rejection from time to time (from women), don’t be deterred by this. Instead, learn from your mistakes so that you know what not to do the next time. This is where you’ll find it easier and easier to talk to women, and possibly even get a couple of numbers.

In keeping with the theme of boosting your self-confidence, it would be a good idea to shake things up a little. By now you will have learnt a few things about woman and what they like and don’t like from going out with your friends and talking to some women. So with this knowledge in mind, now is the time to invest some time and money on bumping up your own personal style. Continue reading

wilderness beach viewCape Town. The Mother City. The Friendliest City on Earth. Call it what you want, but it is a great city to spend time in! People from all over the world flock to its sunny shores in summer to ride the waves, soak up the sun, enjoy the night life or simply take in the spectacular sight, sounds and smells of this magical city. For those people who are planning a holiday, whether it is a family holiday, a getaway for two or a honeymoon, there are few places like Cape Town. In the summer time it is the perfect choice for any type of holiday and for anyone, young and old alike, since the summer season is agreeable to everyone.

Wilderness is one of South Africa’s best kept secrets. It can be found along the Garden Route, which in itself, is also stunning. Wilderness is a tiny, yet busy little town that borders on George. Wilderness accommodation is some of the most exquisite accommodations around.

When it comes to accommodation in wilderness, there are several places, all of which are beautiful in their own right. One such place is called Cinnamon House. This beautiful hotel is designed to put you in a calm and relaxed state of mind, with beautiful gardens teeming with some of the most stunning birds ever seen. The rooms are pure luxury, but affordable, with everything you will need. It a perfect little gem, within a stone’s throw of the main road but still hidden from sight. The views are spectacular from every room, all of which on the upper floors have at least one balcony where you can sit in the mornings, enjoy the sunrise while enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Continue reading

fat loss diet programWhen it comes to choosing a weight loss program, there are certainly a few factors to keep an eye out for that will give you an indication as to whether or not the program is any good or not. One of the things you definitely want to look out for, is whether or not the program seems a little extreme or whether it’s fairly simple and easy to follow. Fortunately, most products available today usually give you a bit of a condensed introduction about the program and what you can expect from it. This makes things a little easier when it comes to deciding on a good program.

Another thing that you want to look out for, is whether or not the program is really focused on fat loss by looking at the eating program. If the program calls for exclusion of food groups, it certainly is not going to focus on fat loss since a true fat loss program will not exclude food groups at all. There are a few programs available which are fairly new and these programs outshine the outdated weight loss programs of the past and focus on healthy eating combined with adequate exercise. Programs like the Alkaline Diet, the Cruise Control Diet, the Venus factor and Adonis golden ratio diets (eats respectively designed for men and women) and of course the Fat Loss Factor. The fat loss factor seems to be the newest of the bunch, so if you’re interested, then the fat loss factor reviews is a good place to start for more information. The same can be said for the other mentioned programs.

There is a difference between weight loss and fat loss. Old school weight loss programs, have a tendency to try and control weight by subtracting certain food groups from the diet for a period of time. While this might in theory work, in reality, it’s quite the opposite. This is because these types of programs do not come with a stabilizing or maintenance program which teaches you how to reintroduce these foods back into your diet without gaining the weight back. It’s this crucial step that sets the new generation of fat loss programs apart from the programs from yesteryear. Continue reading

botticelli venusA review on the Venus Factor diet  : If you’re anything like me you lived for the weekly magazines, the glossies like Cosmo that would show us how beautiful we could look if we did X Y and Z. But again if you’re anything like me, you grow up in an era when women look at real women instead of fully grown, flat-chested children that we see stalking the runways today and modelling these beautiful clothes in glossy magazines. Whatever happened to looking hot like Cindy Crawford did with curves in all the right places, like boobs and hips and a small waist line? What makes people think that it’s okay to portray this extreme and fragile looking body shape, and call it beauty? We live in a screwed up society we are children are starving themselves every single day trying to look like these supermodels, and what’s worse, in the 90s there was a term used called “heroin chic”, and everybody was trying to emulate this! And when I say everybody, I’m referring to teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Thank goodness the 1990s are over and along with it is misguided and badly misinterpreted concept of beauty. But were not out of the woods yet because the models of today’s still look like walking stick insects draped in fine fabrics. That’s not exactly sexy either. However there is one body shape that has been coveted by almost every woman with ever lived, but unfortunately we were not all graced or blessed with the genes for this beautiful shape. Sandro Botticelli immortalized the way a real woman should look when he painted Venus in her half shell all those years ago. A woman with flesh on her bones and real curves, sexy curves. But like I said, we are not all born lucky to have body shape like this. Some of us are born with the strangest body shapes, however we have also done some strange things cry to force our body into the perfect hourglass by wearing corsets and girdles and all manner of contraptions to force our bodies into that iconic 50s pinup, wasp wasted figure or shape. Continue reading

nutrition-tipsWomen never need an excuse or a reason to want to lose some weight.  Every woman you will ever meet will tell you she needs to or wants to lose a few kilo. Not once have I met a woman who is 100% satisfied and perfectly happy with her current weight. Ask those same women what they have done to try lose weight, and you will be surprised and even shocked at the lengths some women will go to lo lose weight. If you had to ask them what is the one thing they want most regarding weight loss, the answer will more than likely be how to lose weight fast and keep it off for ever.

The sad truth is that a lot of ladies will go to great lengths and dangerous ones sometimes, just to lose a little bit of weight. These kids of diets are typically called fad diets because they fade in and out of “fashion” or favour with celebs and trendy magazines and unethical companies willing to exploit women’s desperate need for the perfect body, all in the name of the bottom line.

Our biggest areas of complaint are our thighs and belly and hips. Thighs and hips to a degree can be hidden beneath clothing and artful selection of outfits, but our bellies are harder to hide. They betray us ever so easily with “muffin top” when we wear jeans and even some skirts. Dresses are unflattering and do nothing to camouflage the bulges, so we resort to drastic and often uncomfortable under garments with extreme amounts of elastic that is excruciatingly tight, or some women even resort to corsets, one of those medieval torture devices from the earlier centuries. Anything just to have a flatter tummy and curvier waistline and hips. We spend exuberant amounts of money of creams and other beauty products we know won’t work, yet buy them anyway, just in case, just this once it works. They never do. Continue reading

man-woman-talkingOk so it’s easy just walking up to a girl and starting a conversation right? Uh, no. Actually it’s one of the hardest and most complex things in the world to do …for about 98% of all guys. So by default then, if you are reading this article, then you KNOW that is not the case and you need assistance. So assist you we will.

In this day and age, everyone is walking around with a MINIMUM of one cell phone. Most have two and some even have 3 or 4. Crazy yeah, but these little tools is what is going to make your life that much easier. Unfortunately though, you still need to actually TALK to a female first before your cell phone can do the rest. Magnetic messaging (texting) only helps once you have a number.

Right then. All you need are a few things. One would be a girl you are interested in, two would be grow a pair and talk to her and three would be what the heck to say when you do finally walk up to her and say something.

Ok so let’s assume you have a target in mind. Some girl you been mooning over yet she still doesn’t even know you are alive. So point number 1 is taken care of. Point number 2 is to now man the F**** up and talk to her. Chicks do not like wussy guys, least of all dopey, stalker-ish type wussy guys, so stand up straight and try at least LOOK like one of the male species when you approach her. Now we have that covered, let us deal with how and what you are going to say to her when you finally do go in for the chat up. Continue reading

BeautySkin Imperfections, wrinkles and blemishes
As we get older this starts to show in the skin appearance of our bodies and in our facial skin. Our skin noticeably and gradually becomes thinner and more vulnerable and starts to look dry and scaly looking. When the term ‘as smooth as a baby’s bottom’, no longer applies to your skin, that is when you are probably likely to want to find out about the best ways to look after your skin and to search around for skin rejuvenating treatments. Whilst there is little that can be done about the ageing process (well not yet), there are many ways of improving the condition of your skin. Acne No More Review Blog is a site that reviews skin products and offers a few helpful tips on great skin management like…

Easy and cost effective ways of improving your skin
1.    Stop smoking, smoking ages the skin and causes tiny wrinkles to appear around the mouth area. The double bonus is that you will also save lots of money, which you can use on skin treats.
2.    Limit your time exposed to the sun light, as this is one of the main causes of damage to skin cells and increasing the chances of wrinkles and chances of developing skin cancer.
3.    Eating a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is important and taking regular exercise increases good blood flow to cells and can help reduce formation of blemishes

More expensive ways of improving skin
There are numerous expensive ways that you can choose to improve the look of your skin. Some of these include very expensive creams that claim to be anti-aging. For obvious skin damage there are various non-invasive treatments such as chemical peels, skin fillers, Botox injections and laser therapy. A chemical peel can help restore wrinkled or blemishes or scared areas on facial areas: by removing the top layers of skin, then new more youthful skin can replace the old. Using resurfacing of the skin through exfoliation or scrubs can also improve the skin look. Scrubs use tiny abrasive beads that work on removing top layers of skin cells. Scrubs are not recommended for people who suffer from acne as they can irritate the skin and worsen the acne. Skin fillers are popular and these are injected under the skin using a fine needle to reduce wrinkles and folds in skin. The aim of fillers is to replace the lost tissue with natural fat filling material in the areas of skin that have lost youthfulness. Botox injections are used to smooth out wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. It works by causing the muscles to relax by stopping them from contracting. It doesn’t stop you from making facial expressions. This is said to be a safe and effective treatment that can be repeated more than once.

Continue reading

Tailor's Tape on a ForkWith the rise in the number of diet trends available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. The eat stop eat review takes a closer look at the latest fitness program developed by Brad Pilon that is truly unique in the steps involved to achieve healthier states of living. It is a plan that does not work in the conventional sense of dieting terms and conditions where you have to focus on every calorie and protein, but rather on fasting and detoxing.

With the eat stop eat review you are able to learn more about a dieting plan that does not force one to eat specific types of meals that you may not enjoy, but rather teaches users how to fast without starving yourself and gaining excess weight. This program comes in the form of an e-book that can be downloaded at an affordable price including all of the information you need to kick-start a physical transformation.

There are many different types of diet solutions on the market involving an analyses of the types of food consumed and the amount eaten on a daily basis. The problems with these plans include the fact that it causes the body to store excess weight because you are either eating small meals throughout the day or having to starve yourself to achieve the end goal. Both options are not beneficial as it is difficult to have to constantly assess calorie intake and the possibility of losing muscle mass and then storing excess pounds once you have starved the body.

Fasting has become an increasingly popular option that tends to work for a large number of people as it not only assists in terms of a weight loss strategy, but also makes for a healthier mind and body through lifestyle and control. Steve Justa is one of the leading fitness professionals in the industry and recommends a fast of an average of 20 hours as it assists the body in the elimination of toxins and the development of lean muscle mass. Other strategies encourage fasting, but may not suit your health and lifestyle needs, which is the reason more consumers are looking toward the eat stop eat review and the advice it offers in terms of flexible and balance eating habits.
Continue reading

cape_town_spaTaking time away from the stress of everyday life is a necessity. Day to day obligations and the hassle of dwelling in large, bustling crowds will certainly take its toll. South Africa holidays offer the ideal respite from the mundane. People can experience the ultimate in relaxation while being sure to get plenty of excitement and thrills.

Cape Tours is a reputable tour agency providing South Africa holidays to travelers who wish to both detox from the stress of their daily lives and to learn more about this splendid country. One of their favourite destinations is that of “the wilderness”, unlike Cape Town, there are no blustery winds to contend with. Guests can expect to only be confronted with gentle breezes that flow through the tress.

Although the term wilderness might bring to mind barren strips of desert, Wilderness South Africa is a lush, hot spot for people of all ages who want to indulge in the very best that this seaside town has to offer. Brilliant blue beaches, plenty of sunlight and amazing resorts make it one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers from all over the world. This lies on the Garden Route of South Africa’s Southern Cape.

Not only will the best accommodations provide optimal comfort and convenience for weary travelers who want to rest, but the available rooms are spacious, immaculate, and feature stunning indoor views that make it easy to rest a bit before heading out to experience the terrain. When staying at a spot like the Cinnamon Boutique, the availability of entertainment is more than plentiful. Travelers will be just mere minutes from high-quality and widely recommended restaurants and cafes. They will also have access to a range of guided tours that will allow them to explore the natural wonders that exist in this region.
Continue reading

health-people-alkaline-dietLike most people, I grew up eating the same things as everyone else; red meat, chicken, lamb, pork, fish and seafood. And of course veggies. There always had to be those veggies on the plate. However, over time (a long time), I have discovered an interesting and sometimes uncomfortable change in the way my body reacts to certain foods. If you are lie me in this respect, then keep reading. Maybe there is a solution for us all.

First off let me just explain that I am not a vegetarian. I like meat just as much as the next carnivore. That being said, I also discovered a sometimes unpleasant reaction to certain foods or food ingredients. Interestingly enough, red meats of any kind (with the exception of ostrich) has a nasty blocking effect on my digestive tract. Plainly put, it constipates me. I also found that certain veggies also have a negative effect on me. This was a painful (emotionally anyway) realisation; tomatoes. I LOVE tomatoes! There hasn’t been a day that goes by in all my 37 years (that I know of) that I have NOT had tomatoes in some shape or form, and no, ketchup does not count! Gross!

It turns out that I have to go on the alkaline diet to help my body get its balance back. I also happen to be an A blood type, which does not help. A blood groups tend to be a lot more naturally acidic than others, hence the problem with red meat and acidic foods like tomatoes, chillies, vinegar, etc. It also explains why people who are type A have more lactic acid build up in their muscles after working out at the gym and need longer recovery times. On that note, if you ARE suffering from those pesky muscle cramps and stiffness, avoid whey protein shakes at all costs! It makes it worse. Try instead L-Glutamine and Barley Green (which tastes and smells like mown grass. Looks like it too, but works a charm) But hold on, what IS the alkaline diet?

Basically the name says it all really, PH balanced diet and food choices. Yeah ok, that’s too simplistic. There are essentially 5 components to this diet to be effective and they are. Continue reading

overcoming-anxietyAnyone who has been to a theme park with a rollercoaster is all too familiar with that sensation as the coaster crests the top and you peer down as gravity takes hold and sends you rocketing to the bottom, g-forces pulling your head back, and sending a tight sensation from the bottom of your stomach, up your spine, and often, out your mouth in a scream.  Some delight in that feeling, but for others, it’s a horror.  People who experiece Generalized Anxiety Disorder go through that horrifying sensation of not being able to get off that ride, and they go through this often enough to live in fear nearly constantly.

Enter Panic Away, review the claims it makes for relieving people of this horrid disorder forever.  Since the entire problem lies within our minds, it is up to us to work out how best to write the eviction notice.  Those of us suffering from panic attacks have triggers, moments or memories in life that have been traumatic and altered our way of living in such a tremendous way, that it caused us to suffer from a form of post traumatic stress.  Small things, like a child thumping the roof of a car could bring back nightmarish memories of a fiery car crash that cost you someone you love.  Can you imagine re-living something like that on a regular basis?  It’s painful, but not necessary to suffer through when you learn how to handle it.

The reviews on Panic Away give a lot of information about the product, a guide that helps instruct how to identify your triggers, and more, how to recognize your symptoms as they’re coming to prevent them, and re-wire your mind so that those triggers no longer have the effect they once did.  A thump on the roof of the car, will simply result in a parental scolding of their child, instead of a scary episode of a full blown panic attack.  Our minds are the most complicated part of our entire body, and we still are unaware of it’s untapped potential.  What we do know, is that mind over matter, to a point, does work.  We can control how we feel, and when we feel it. Continue reading